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Latest from the Blog

  • Goddess Durga
    She is Hindu Goddess Durga. I need her blessings.
  • Queen Of The Sky, Shital Mam
    You got married in a hot air balloon.I saw you for the first time on screen.You were wearing red, not green.So I contacted you late not soon.I want to skydive like you.I made my idol who is you.You made many world records.For that, you also received many awards.You inspired me to do skydiving.One day surelyContinue reading “Queen Of The Sky, Shital Mam”
  • Relief
    Your love is like a broken leaf. Like you broke my heart. I Will remember you as a sinner. I regret, I was your heart winner. You treated me as a love mart. Being far from you is a relief.
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